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01103, Kiev, st.Kikvidze, 12
01001, Kiev, Khreshchatyk st., 42А
tel.: +38 044 209 09 99
fax: +38 044 495 57 58
mob.: +38 067 341 44 22

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The city of Kiev is a capital of Ukraine. Kiev is one of the oldest towns in Europe. The largest city of Ukraine, it is a major cultural, transportation and industrial center. A beautiful city with many parks and historical structures, Kiev is built mostly on hills overlooking the Dniper River. The old section of the city, on the right bank of the river, includes hills surmounted by churches and the ruins of ancient castles and fortifications. New districts of Kiev located on the left bank. Kyiv always warmly welcomes its guests. No matter who you may be, a tourist or businessman from a foreign country, we know that you will leave a piece of your heart in out city. Every guest will find something to his liking in Kiev. We hope that you will want to return to Kyiv again and again!   KIEV MAIN ATTRACTIONS St SOPHIA CATHEDRAL St Sophia Cathedral, the city's oldest standing church, was built in 1017-31 in honor of Prince Yaroslav the Wise's victory over the Pechenegs, a rival tribe from the east. Sophia stands for wisdom in Greek. The cathedral bears a resemblance to Byzantine constructions, but there is no direct analogy. Soon the cathedral became not only the holy place, but also a very important political and cultural center. All ambassadorial receptions, crowning of the princes, signing of treaties were held in the church. The first school and library were also set up in the church. Of great historical and artistic value are the frescoes and mosaics of St Sophia – the original ones of the 11th century. It's a state museum now and is used as a church on special festivals.   THE CAVE MONASTERY (PECHERSKA LAVRA) Founded in 1051, the Cave Monastery was Kievan Rus' first and for a long time most famous, monastery. Spread across wooden slopes above the Dnipro, it's a unique array of gold-domed churches, underground labyrinths lined with mummified monks, and elegant monastic buildings turned museums.   Welcome to Kyiv!!!

1. Premier Palace 5*
2.Fairmont 5*
3.Opera 5*
4.InterContinental 5*
5.Hyatt Regency 5*
6.Park Hotel Goloseevo 4*
7.Holiday Inn 4*
8.Radisson Blu Hotel Kiev 4*
9.Riviera 4*
10.Podol Plaza (boutique) 4*
11.Dnipro 4*
12.Tourist 3*
13.Mir 3*
14.Bakkara 3*